Plainville Yard Report for January 4, 2023

William Sample

From west to east side:
West track - clear.  Canal Main through yard - MEC 5946n, 5936n, 5930s.  Bridge crane track - 11 tank cars
Freight house tracks:  west - 1 steel coil, 5 tank cars; middle - 1 tank car; east - 1 high side gondola - scrap, 3 tank cars.
Highland/Canal Line connecting tracks:  west - clear, east - MEC 5943n, 2 empty center beam, 8 tank cars.
Drove up to the sewage plant to try to see anything up by the airport - due to thick fog we could only see 1 center beam, 1 debris car - probably another 10 -15 cars in the fog bank that we could not see.
Later at Town Line Rd - Amerigas - 4 tank cars, Forestville Lumber looked clear.

Bill and Sue Sample.