Plainville CT Yard Report for Friday Nov 11 Veterans Day

William Sample

Plainville Yard was fairly full today and for the first time in many weeks there were four locomotives there.
Sightings from west to east side, as good as we could as it was just about dark at 5:00pm:
West track - looked like at least 5 tank cars.  The Canal Line main through the yard had a pair of engines MEC 5966n and 5974s, maybe a couple of debris cars under the bridge.
The bridge crane track had 10 tank cars. the 3 freight house tracks were just about full:  west track had 8 tank cars, middle had 1 tank car and 8 debris cars, the east track had 6 tank cars and 3 debris cars.
Highland - Canal Line connecting tracks: west track was clear and the east track had MEC 5943n and 5967s, 1 debris car and at least 5 tank cars.  Down at Town Line Road Amerigas had 8 tank cars that we could see, and the Forestville Lumber track had 1 and possibly 2 empty center beam cars (really dark there).
Bill and Sue Sample