Friday, 10/08/21 Railfanning

Hello to all !  Business is taking me to NYC and Philly, so I  will NOT be at B'vale this coming Friday. I hope all of the 'regulars' will gather in my absence and I'm planning to see all the following week ! 😉
I-93 North to Dascomb Rd exit, head east about 1/2 mile and take right onto Clark Rd. Depot is straight ahead next to crossing gates. 
Ballardvale (Haverhill/Western route) MA Depot is an excellent local spot for railfanning, because:
1) Served by three railroads.
2) Excellent sightlines from left to right especially for photos and video.
3) Ample FREE parking.
4) Two restaurants *, 1 variety store, all trackside with windows and restrooms.
5) RxR gates alert of trains approaching from the south, talking detector alerts of trains from the north.
I will be there on Friday from @ noon to supper time. Look for a very dark green foreign sedan, MA tag 3364.  George Kenson and friends usually appear, and ALL are invited to stop by and say hello !
                                                                      Very best,  Paul Stephen 🙂
* The Ballardvale Cafe is operated by Chris Tirone's Aunt Sharron, and has GREAT carrot cake !