coal trains sunday and other info


NHB-99 will leave nashua this morning with NS 9089-8906 with 80 cars.
NHB-02 will leave ayer this afternoon with PRR 8315 (ns black paint)
NS 9368-6599 with 84 cars. NHB-01 is at bow empty with NS 8699 and 85
car's currently. It could depart tonight with another unit from NHB-
02 today? NHB-99 will be stuffed away somewhere and the crew will
take NHB-02 to bow. Not sure when train will head west. Be on the
lookout for GRS unit's on CSX. It is part of a new deal between the
two carrier's. Two new train's have been set up and pool power is
happening again. Q-410, Q-409, Q-427, Q-426, will operate from
worcester to portland and return. All will handle traffic to Ayer,
Lawrence, and portland that is made up when they leave selkirk. This
may also include auto racks. SD-26 619 is back to life again after
getting a new main generator. 681 deerfield hump, 77, 45, local power
in dfld, 351 on PL-1, 303-370 in nashua, 316-380-319-205-352-300-333
in dfld. <marty>