Plainville CT Yard Report for Tuesday November 29

William Sample

From west to east, equipment from the north end of track to south:
West track :  20 tank cars,  Canal main:  engines MEC 5936n, 5946s - space - MEC 5943n, 5967s
Bridge crane track: 1 scrap gondola , 1 16-wheel flat car (looks like a run down the "lower Naugy" to Seymour will be coming up), 6 tank cars
Freight house tracks:  west - clear, middle - 2 tank cars, east - 4 tank cars
Highland-Canal Line connecting tracks:  west - 2 steel coil cars, 8 tank cars; east track - 1 empty center beam flat.
May have been more cars north on the Canal Line main - didn't get to look.
Town Line Rd - the usual 8 tank cars at Amerigas, and Forestville Lumber had one empty center beam flat.
No debris cars that I saw in the Plainville area.

Bill Sample