Plainville CT Yard Report for Sunday November 20, 2022

William Sample

Sue and I visited a busy Plainville Yard today and saw the following, from west to east:
West track had 12 tank cars, the Canal Line main was clear in the yard area.
The bridge crane track had 3 debris cars followed by 8 tank cars.
Over to the freight house tracks: west track had 6 tank cars, middle had 7 debris cars and 1 tank car, and the east track had 6 debris cars followed by 4 tank cars.
The Highland-Canal Line connecting tracks: west track had a pair of B40-8s - MEC 5946s and 5936n.  The east had what looked to be a long PLED headed by MEC 5967s and 5943n -
followed by 1 tank car, 3 coil cars, 15 debris cars, 1 empty center beam, 22 tank cars, and 15 plus debris cars up by the airport - at least 57 cars if they all depart together.
For those who may be curious about what the Plainville Yard looks like I added an album "Plainville Yard Illustrated" in the photo section of this site, showing the various track locations.
Note that my names for the tracks are not official Springfield Terminal track numbers or names.
Also on the way home via the Town Line Road we saw 8 tank cars at Amerigas and across the street we saw a partially unloaded center beam flat at Forestville Lumber.
Bill and Sue Sample.