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David Grimm

A subgroup has been created for general discussions about anything Pan Am Railways related.

"This subgroup is for GENERAL DISCUSSION about Pan Am. Pan Am Southern, its predecessors and successors that does not pertain specifically to sightings. One prime example of a subject matter is the proposed sale to CSX of Pan Am Railways and the creation of the Berkshire & Eastern to operate Pan Am Southern, but other subjects may be brought up."

This group is open to anyone already a member of GuilfordRailsightings.groups.io. The way subgroups work on Groups.io is that you must be a member of the parent group. To join this Discussion subgroup (or either of the other 2 subgroups already in existence), do one of the following:

1. Log into the group's web page at https://guilfordrailsightings.groups.io/g/main , then look at the menu bar on the left for Subgroups. Click on that and there are links there for the subgroups. Each has a link to the homepage of that subgroup, where you will find a 'Join' button. 


2. Let the moderators know of your interest to join a subgroup at main+owner@GuilfordRailSightings.groups.io and you will receive an Invitation email for that particular group. You will then 'Accept' that invitation. 


3. Send a blank email to Discussion+subscribe@GuilfordRailSightings.groups.io . 

All are welcome.

Dave Grimm