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David Grimm


Guilford Rail Sightings / Pan Am Rail Sightings


Rules for Posting


  2. THINK before you post and use common sense.


  4. There are employees on this list whose livelihoods can be affected by the wrong comments. Like all companies, there are good employees and bad employees. That goes for both labor and management, both of which are represented in this group. What may seem like an innocent comment to an outsider may be career changing to an employee. Avoid those, especially if it involves guesstimating the speed of a train.


Insider business information is none of our business. Keep it off the list if you happen to know it; don't ask for it if you don't.


  1. This is a family-friendly group: keep all posts appropriate.


Keep the posts on topic, namely anything current or past involving Boston & Maine, Maine Central, Springfield Terminal, Portland Terminal, Guilford, Pan Am Railways, Pan Am Southern. Also allowable are posts about neighboring railroads as they pertain to Pan Am, for example, a CSX or P&W train that will be interchanging with Pan Am.


No politics. No religion. No non-railroad topics at all.


No personal attacks on other members or their posts.


Moderation, suspensions and banishment are at the discretion of the owners and moderators. Any comments, complaints or appeals should be addressed to main+owner@GuilfordRailSightings.groups.io


This group and its related website are in no way connected with or affiliated with Pan Am Railways. Their web site is at http://www.panamrailways.com/ and their 24/7 emergency contact number is 1-800-955-9208. Of course, truly emegency situations should be reported to 911.


In short and to repeat, THINK before you post and use common sense.


(updated 4/18/19)