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**Welcome to New England CSX Sightings group, formerly GuilfordRailSightings, the ORIGINAL Guilford railfan discussion group!** Guilford Transportation Industries entered the railroad business in June 1981 with its purchase of the Maine Central Railroad. In 1983 Boston & Maine Corporation was added to the fold. Delaware & Hudson Railway was added in 1984 only to be cast off in bankruptcy four years later, leaving Guilford with just Maine Central and Boston & Maine. Guilford purchased bankrupt Pan Am Airways in 2004, and in 2006 Guilford Rail System was rebranded as **Pan Am Railways**. In 2009 the western third of Pan Am Railways became Pan Am Southern, a joint venture between Pan Am and Norfolk Southern. All of Pan Am Railways, including Pan Am Southern, was operated by Pan Am subsidiary Springfield Terminal Railway. In 2022, CSX acquired Pan Am and as of this writing, is in the integrating into its operations. Due to conditions imposed by the STB for the acquisition, the portion operated as Pan Am Southern will become the Berkshire & Eastern, a G&W subsidiary. More information is available on the Pan Am Railways website: ( ) and the CSX website: ( ) ( ) Members are welcome to post s **ightings or breaking news** relevant to that portion of CSX that was Pan Am Railways or its predecessor companies. In addition, any sightings or news regarding the CSX Boston Line will be welcome as well, since the operations plan described in the acquistion documents include changes in traffic on that line due to the impact of the acquisition. For Other *News, Discussions* and **Questions about operations,** there is a Discussions subgroup ( ). For History discussions and questions, there is a History subgroup ( ). For Modeling notes and questions, there is a Modeling subgroup ( ). In order to join any of these subgroups, you must be a member of this main group, although there are settings available to make it possible to NOT receive posts in this group. Any disrespect of other group members will NOT be tolerated. *GROUP ADMINISTRATION* *Founder* - Gary Young *Co-Owner* - David Grimm *Moderator* -  Matt Baj
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  • New England CSX Discussion
    > > > > This subgroup is for GENERAL DISCUSSION about Pan Am. Pan Am Southern, its > predecessors and successors that does not pertain specifically to > sightings. One prime example of a subject matter are the changes caused by > the sale to CSX of Pan Am Railways and the creation of the Berkshire & > Eastern to operate Pan Am Southern, but other subjects may be brought up. > >
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  • Guilford/Pan Am History
    > > This is a subgroup specifically for discussion of the history of Guilford > Transportation Industries/Pan Am Railways going back to 1981.
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  • New England CSX Modeling
    This is a subgroup specifically for the discussion of scale model railroading of Pan Am, Guilford, or any of their predecessor railroads. Also appropriate for this group is modeling of Berkshire & Eastern and that part of CSX that was formerly Pan Am.
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