10/21 Lawrence yard report

Hayden Logan

8 locos are here 
Cars in the yard too 

516w-505w-503e-5956w-5973w are by the yard office 

507w-518w-5963e with cars are on 17E 

Nashua Local

Stephen Mayotte

10/21 at 1512
Wotton Street, N. Chelmsford, MA

MEC 504 northbound with 2 covered hoppers, 1 laminated lumber, 2 propane, and 2 sodium hydroxide.

Concord / Bow NH Sightings

Jay Gadon

 NA-2 504n, heading south to Bow.. 20 CQ loads, 8 empties..

DO-1 (506)


Passing Target @ 1708 WB with one box car.

FI-1 east 10.19.21


What appears to be an FI-1 through Shirley... 1 Pan Am unit... covered hoppahs...

OFF TOPIC: 10/17/2021 Keolis Wash train


I forgot all about the T's Windex Train!  I wonder if that was the odd thing I heard the other night near home... do they ever run it at night?  Still lots of leaves on trees there, though...

10/17/2021 Keolis Wash train 2035/1055

Hayden Logan

Outbound thru Sutton St in North Andover at 1728
seen from 495 

If this is not ok for here feel free to remove it 


5:35P Bvale lead (all x CSX GE 6 axl )now MEC 7595 ,
7517, 7541 same asst cars minus MSkip axl ct 354 😋

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AYPO F 10/15/21

4:48-5PM B’vale mp@20
Lead xCSX now MEC7609
6 axl GE, PA 7523 MEC ? axl, xCSX 7523 MEC 7594 6axl, w asst hi & lo box, tank, full& mt spine, (lumber) grain,cov & mt gondo, G & PA box, Mskips, tot axl ct 574 POAY on the way !! 😋
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Plainville CT Yard Report for Thursday Oct 14

William Sample

Took a drive around Plainville CT - saw about 6-8 tank cars at the Inland Gas facility just west of the Terryville Tunnel.  Headed for the Plainville Yard - looked like a PLED was being built on the Canal line up by the airport where we could see 2 tank cars, 3 coil steel cars, 3 debris cars, 8 tank cars, and 7 plus debris cars past what we could view form the road.  Nothing on either connecting track between the Highland and Canal lines, 1 tank car was all on that we saw on the 3 freight house spurs.  On the west side of the  - north end had MEC 5974n and a loaded center beam lumber car, also about 7 tank cars on or near the west track.  MEC 5930s was on the pad. On the way home we noticed the connecting track switch was set for the Highland line indicating a probable PL1 run to Waterbury.  At the Southington/Plainville town line there were 8 tank cars at Amerigas, and a TTX boxcar  at Forestville Lumber, which seems to have sharply increase their use of rail in recent months.  Good to see!

Bill and Sue Sample

10/15/21 PS 2 All

RxR @ West Point wil B @
B’ vale on Fri ! 😋

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MEC 7541 eastbound

Brian McCaffrey

MEC 7541 was pulling a train eastbound at Depot Rd in Westford at around 13:23. 


Plainville CT Yard Report for Sunday Evening October 10, 2021

William Sample

Under the gathering darkness I stopped by the Plainville Yard on the way back form Maine - the yard was fairly full.   From the east to west sides:  Highland - Canal Line connecting tracks had a string of at least 9 debris cars - as far as I could see through the trees.  The freight house spurs - east track has a box car (maybe plywood for Forestville Lumber? (Railbox I think) plus 2 debris cars. Middle track had 9 debris cars, and the west track had MEC 5930s.  The track by the bridge crane had at least 8 tank cars, and on the west two tracks had about 4 more tank cars.  The Canal Line pad had engine 5946n.  On the way home fro the yard i saw 8 tank cars a Amerigas in Southington and 2 empty centerbeam cars at Forestville Lumber across Town Line Rd in Plainville.

Bill Sample.

10/9 POAY 7489w-7605e-7545w

Hayden Logan

Stopped outside Haverhill station at 1606 on trk 2 waiting for Keolis 1209 

Track Cars in Kittery


Two track cars, one pan am and the other CSX in Kittery headed into Navy yard from the bridge. Crossed the bridge on the road not rail. @ 16:04



I didn't know mentioning speed was a no-no here.  Can we say "wicked fast"?



Hayden Logan

Tewksbury at the Runaround between 
East St & Shawsheen St 

On Thu, Oct 7, 2021, 10:22 PM Tyler B <tylerbrisbois1@...> wrote:
Where is that mile post 


Tyler B

Where is that mile post 


Leonard M. Singer

By mp 293 at 526
7489 7605


Re: Friday, 10/08/21 Railfanning

Hello to all !  Business is taking me to NYC and Philly, so I  will NOT be at B'vale this coming Friday. I hope all of the 'regulars' will gather in my absence and I'm planning to see all the following week ! 😉
I-93 North to Dascomb Rd exit, head east about 1/2 mile and take right onto Clark Rd. Depot is straight ahead next to crossing gates. 
Ballardvale (Haverhill/Western route) MA Depot is an excellent local spot for railfanning, because:
1) Served by three railroads.
2) Excellent sightlines from left to right especially for photos and video.
3) Ample FREE parking.
4) Two restaurants *, 1 variety store, all trackside with windows and restrooms.
5) RxR gates alert of trains approaching from the south, talking detector alerts of trains from the north.
I will be there on Friday from @ noon to supper time. Look for a very dark green foreign sedan, MA tag 3364.  George Kenson and friends usually appear, and ALL are invited to stop by and say hello !
                                                                      Very best,  Paul Stephen 🙂
* The Ballardvale Cafe is operated by Chris Tirone's Aunt Sharron, and has GREAT carrot cake !

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