Plainville CT Yard Report for Thursday August 4, 2022

William Sample

A visit in the early evening found the yard fairly empty except for very long PLED looking ready to depart once a crew shows up and does the necessary inspection - no idea when this is scheduled. 
From west to east:  The west track had two cuts of 3 tank cars, the Canal main line through the yard was clear.  On the bridge crane track was 1 flat car and 2 debris cars.
The PLED consist was on the east Highland-Canal Line connecting track extending onto the Canal Line:  Power was MEC 5946e and 5930w followed by 17 debris cars, 2 gondolas with scrap, 3 tank cars, and probably another 20 debris cars, 2 steel coil cars and at least 8 tank cars - much of the view was at least partially obscured by trees and brush.

Bill Sample

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