Re: Friday, 01/07/22 Railfanning

Weather permitting ? will advise by 11 A on Friday

To All !
Will         be at B'vale on Friday from @Noon to    DARK !    Hope to see the regulars and some MORE 'newbies' too !  😉

I-93 to Dascomb Rd exit, head east about 3/4 mile, after traffic light, take right onto Clark Rd. Depot is 1/4 mile straight ahead, next to crossing gates. 

Ballardvale (Haverhill/Western route) MA Depot is an excellent local spot for railfanning, because:
1) Served by three railroads. (4 if you count the NE Northcoast DOBO-BODO Gravel trains)
2) Excellent sightlines from left to right especially for posting, photos and video.
3) Ample usually FREE parking.
4) One restaurant *, 1 variety store, all trackside with windows and restrooms.
5) RxR gates alert of trains approaching from the south, talking detector alerts of trains from the north.

Look for a very dark green foreign sedan, MA tag 3364.  George Kenson and friends usually appear, and ALL are invited to stop by and say hello !
                                                                                      Very best,  Paul Stephen 🙂
* The Ballardvale Cafe has closed !  😢

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