Plainville CT Yard Report for Sunday November 21, 2021

William Sample

Tank cars everywhere as expected in the Plainville yard today - the heating season is well underway.  From west side to east:  West track 15 tank cars.  Canal Main Line empty as far north as we could see probably to the end of track. 4 tank cars on the bridge crane track.  West freight house track has locomotives MEC 5936n and 5943s nothing else, middle track had the 9 tank car maximum, east track had 1 debris car, 1 gondola at the north end and 2 tank cars at the south end.  The Highland-Canal line connecting tracks were both empty.  BONUS Report - Town Line Rd (Plainville/Southington) on the Plainville (north) side Forestville Lumber had 1 empty centerbeam, the Southington side (south) Amerigas had 4 cars on each of the two spurs.  Forestville lumber's siding has been far more active in the previous several months than in the previous several years - a good sign.
Bill & Sue Sample

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