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The funniest part was when you (mis)labeled the town board as offals 🤩💩☺️

Second funniest was the part about the railroad being responsible for the motor carriers destroying their rigs

This is what is so wrong with our beautiful country today- the constant pursuit of finding fault in order to build a liability claim

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BIG THANKS!!!  You are the ONLY one to reply.  I didn’t want to post to the D&H/CP site unless I knew for sure as there are some not pickers.  Just had a brief pissy discussion with one guy last night, made me so angry my hands were shaking.
The guy was trying to disprove something I said about the bridge hits over here and who is going to be responsible.  He sent a newspaper article that actually did not prove his point.  I think he has a reading comprehension problem .
His claim was the railroad owns the bridge it’s their problem.  That doesn’t hold water, just because they own the bridge does not make them responsible for truckers hitting it!  It’s  a state route but the town is responsible for the road regardless because it’s in their township.
The Fed’s offered to pay to raise the tracks and bridge and the stupid town board morons rejected that!  They would have to kick in a small portion of the finds.  The fed’s were going to pay for most of that cost.  So now the fed’s said screw you, that finding is spent somewhere else...ya buncha dummies!  I have little use for town board offal's, limited thought capacity!
Thanks for the confirmation!
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It’s the empty one buddy 
The loaded one is still outside Buffalo
Absolutely love the quote from Archbishop Tutu
He is one of the true heroes of humanity in the 20th & 21 centuries

Stephen Demboske 

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1258:  I just heard a maintainer mention the empty grain at 475.  They either mean the train is at 477 on reality, or it’s not an empty if it is at 475????
any insight appreciated   load or empty?
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