B&M west end & D&H photo


1429: 11R/945-6957 @ 468 OK'd to 477 and will hold for 934/22K pass, also waiting to defart in MVL is the B&M RJED/RJ-1 for the 934 arrival
1448: RJED crew asking what's up...holding for 11R to depart first
1443: 934/22K-6959 OK N from 485/SDY no details but...
1440: D3 dsptr gave the 934/22K crew yarding instructions for MVL
1450: 934/22K will now hold at Alplaus, they are long and will block 483
clear as mud!
the word "railroad" and the word "change" are interchangeable.
This is not how D3 dsptr figured the moves
D&H #31 Renssalaer NY July 1070  
ROXY cleaners in background, they were big all over Albany
Now “Gone with the Schwinn” as Kermit THEE Frog would say.
Was there a  ROXY where you lived?
Rensselaer Station 7-70 (2)[2]

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