16R/944 & EDRJ


2133: 944/16R-6945, 9637, 6964, mec's 7835 & 7898 has 73/1 7221 tn 6000 ft arrived 485/SDY will tied down in MOH at Alplaus Rd.
2139: EDRJ-7797  @ 467, OK’d west  BH to R/jct
Rotterdam Branch at Maple Avenue to the right is R/jct, left is the connection with D&H @ 477
The road in the direction I am looking is to MOHawk Yard  about 1 to 2 miles
The bridge stones are pure snow white limestone (when new), must been a site!
The van?  Didn’t think he would fit, didn’t know the height of his vehicle.  Since this road is not a truck route this bridge is almost never hit.
For some unknown reason the B&M built a road going up to the track level to the left but in all these years, nothing has ever been done to use it.

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